3 tips to prevent a FSBO nightmare after closing


A woman purchased a house, As reported by WDTN, that was for sale by owner (FSBO). After the closing she was unable to move in.

From the article, it sounds like everything went pretty smooth until after the closing. The woman found out the seller was still in the house and was not going to leave.

She started the paperwork for eviction, which can be a bit of a process and expense.

After reading the article I have 3 tips to prevent or help lessen a FSBO nightmare after closing.

Do a final walkthrough a day before closing. The Offer to Purchase and Contract standard form 2-T section 8-C allows reasonable access to the property. When you exercise that ability you may find there is no attempt it moving. Things should be pretty well along in the moving cycle by this point.

Make sure in form 2-T that section 14 is left unchecked. This specifies a change to the time of possession. Generally speaking, you’ll want possession as soon as you’ve paid and everything has been recorded.

Having an licensed real estate agent can help in uncovering issues like this, but it’s not always guaranteed, as this case shows.

Get the keys before or at the closing. You should have the keys as soon as the deed is recorded.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to identify potential problems and assess them before closing.

Let me know if I can help you!
[ FSBO Image By Prokopenya Viktor, via Wikimedia Commons ]

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