4 Reasons you should use a realtor for new construction

Considering buying a home that’s brand new? Here are 4 reasons you should consider using a realtor when you look at new construction.

I enjoy the smell of fresh cut lumber. New construction has that new home smell! But you are here to find out why YOU should use a realtor on your quest for a newly constructed home so lets get to it!

I’d say the primary reason you should contact a realtor stems from the fact that the agent on site works for the seller in this case the builder. Their job is to get the highest price possible for the builder. Anything you say to them they can use against you. Mention to them that you have up-to $200,000 home loan road-sign-1280257_1280-pixabayavailable on the house that’s listed at $199,999 and you may not find much wiggle room. Saying that to your own representation allows them to know what price ranges are possible on the MLS searches; not to use it against you during the negotiations for that new home.

A buyers agent can check out other new construction sales in the area and look at the notes to find out any deals the other buyers may have received. Using this information could save you thousands of dollars or possibly net some free upgrades. Who doesn’t like free upgrades?

We are you’re advocate through the process. We want to look out for your best interest. The on site agent may not mention something to you and you may overlook something because you like the house. We are the objective third party.

Lastly, you can relax a little more. I know buying a house is a stressful endeavor, but with additional people looking out for you, it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Most realtors have a network of people they know that can help if they run into something new.

Do you have that same network of people that buy and sell houses on a regular basis?

I hope this post helped to highlight a few reasons you should use a realtor.

If you’re interested in new construction, let me know where and I’ll see if I can help. If not, I’m sure I know someone that can!

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