Will adding home automation increase your value?

I’m a technology guy and have been in that industry my entire life. I love seeing the things that can be done with home automation these days.

I have systems in my house that allow me to turn on my lights when coming home at night. A dual zone stereo system that has speakers in the walls and another set outside near the deck. Might look at adding a door lock system in the future!

The lights I have in the house are wired up to the switches for my outdoor light on my porch and my living room are from Lutron.

Z-wave logo

With integrate systems like z-wave you can connect various controls and get internet connected systems that you can then control from a smart phone.

Schlage lock imageWhen you’re looking for a weekend house or vacation property, it would be nice to be able to set the thermostat [Nest ] level before you arrive, or make sure you’re doors are locked [ Schlage ]. If you have an investment property, you might want to look into this so you don’t need to give out keys any more.

I’ve even seen security companies getting in on this arena now like ADT with the offer of home automation packages.

Some potential problems that come along with everything technology related… They don’t always work properly! When you’re computer stops working right, you can take it in to a shop. I’m not sure how you are going to bring your home to the store!

An issue that may arise is that home inspectors are not trained to look at home automation systems. They are looking at the structure of the home and its supporting systems. This may change in time as systems become more interconnected with automation systems.

Prices on automation components are constantly falling and with more companies coming to the sandbox it should only get better with competition. You can spend some serious money outfitting your entire home if you are not careful, but do so because you enjoy the technology. It will add little to no appraised value.

Coming from a tech background I offer a unique perspective and can highlight these features. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a house if it has automation hardware in place, contact me so I can help serve you.

Comment and tell me what home automation you currently have or would like to see.

I do not have any affiliation with the companies linked to in this post, they are just samples of what’s out there.

TL;DR It’s a great selling feature, but don’t expect it to increase your selling price.

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